Homegrown products are a fusion of natural materials that nourish us and keep us warm. Our vegetable dyes are harvested from plants grown on our farm, and our fibers come from the fleece of local sheep, and USDA organic cotton. Homegrown products are homespun, handcrafted and dyed- in- the- wool.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Read About Textile Lab/ Inhabitat

Check out the arti­cle writ­ten on Inhab­i­tat about the Tex­tile Lab Projects:

Below are pic­tures of Tex­tile Lab with Par­sons stu­dents at Union Square last Monday:

Students spinning and carding

Making dyes

Houria vis­ited our lab and showed us how she learned to spin and card in her home­land of Algeria

A vis­i­tor named Tasmi demon­strated Tibetan spin­ning and made us a draw­ing of a tra­di­tional Tibetan spindle

We showed vis­i­tors how to spin

Composting our dye material

Par­sons stu­dent Ariel Pat­ter­son explains our project to some vis­i­tors who are hear­ing impaired through sign language

Lab goes back to Parsons

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